Mangools review-Is it’s legit?

In this article, I will discuss the mangools review for your SEO.

1 The meaning/what is Mangool SEO Tools

2 Their features

3 Pricing

4 How the tools work 

5 Their support and lots more

Important information

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 What is the Mangool SEO tool?

Mangool is an SEO tool that comprises 5 tools you need for all your SEO needs.

  • SERPWatcher
  • SiteProfiler
  • KWFinder
  • LinkMiner
  • SERPChecker
Mangool SEO tool free plan

The premium dashboard will look like this 

if you want to try this awesome app, I recommend the try the 10 days risk-free with no credit card to test how the stuff works.

Mangools Review – Pricing

They have 3 pricing plan the Mangools Basic, The Premium Plan,

and the Mangools Agency plan see their pricing details below

Mangools Pricing Plans

 Mangools Seo Features

Like I said earlier that this comprises 5 software in one, the first one keyword finder when you type the seed keyword, it will show you the other related keywords, like this diagram below

This will enable you to choose the keywords you want to rank for,

shows you the monthly CPC, PPC and KD.

KD indicates how difficult the keyword is. Green colour means you can easily rank, yellow means a bit difficult

Red Means hard to rank keyword.


SERPWatcher Review: The Classification Tracking Tool
Mangools rating

After tracking your competition and knowing the keywords they are rated for, it’s time to start monitoring your SEO results and metrics.

This is where SERPWatcher comes in.

SERPWatcher is the perfect tool for checking your keywords and web pages. Adding a new follower to your dashboard gives you full access to SERPWatcher.

How to get started:

Step 1: To use SERPWatcher, you need to create a new crawl for your site. You can do this by clicking the “Add New Tracking” button in the right corner of the screen to be taken to a page where you can add your domain name and keyword.

Step 2: Click the “Start Tracking” button and SERPWatcher will immediately start tracking your keywords.

Step 3: Within seconds you will receive all keyword tracking data in SERPWatcher.

The dashboard will show you a dominance index,

which is an aggregated statistic that shows your unique organic traffic engagement based on your current keyword positions.

index is calculated using the following five factors:

Search volumes
Current positions
Keywords searched for
Average click rate for a specific position
Possible value as if it comes first for all keywords that are crawled
with a domain ranking of 50% for your keyword.

you will get around that percentage of all organic search traffic.


With SERPChecker you can see which SEO authority applies to the ranking of websites and their strengths and weaknesses, how your competitors rank and how rich snippets affect the click rate. The platform mainly focuses on localized results, an essential part of any SEO strategy. You can analyze search results that are anywhere, whether you want to see a search in a specific country, county, or city.
You will also see the low levels of trust and domain authority of the best websites.
SERPChecker allows you to keep track of all the cases where your site appears in the SERP function and the resulting traffic
Selected clips
Carousels, p. E.g. Videos, pictures and products
Image packages
Parcel card
Try out SERPchecker now


And last but not least, SiteProfiler gives you a detailed overview of the key analytics you need in one place. The dashboard displays your domain credentials, comment profile analysis, most popular content, competitor information, site authority, trust stream, citation stream, Alexa rank, IP referrer addresses, and Facebook share.


LinkMiner is a comment controller designed to help you understand and use competitor comments to increase your ranking in search engines.
Try LinkMiner now

Mangools Review -rating

All of the metrics related to the keywords that have been added to your tracking will appear in the same dashboard. That way you can see which pages are working well and which are not.

Why use SERPWatcher?
You can track results on desktop and mobile devices.
Use tags effectively to organize all of your keywords.
Have access to reports that you can download in CSV format.
Receive daily updates on the position of your keywords in Google search.
You can track results from specific locations for your target audience.
You can quickly find estimated visits, daily rankings, domain indexes, and distribution tables for any given keyword.

See the different website ranking, the links, the domain authority, and domain age as shown below

What are the benefits of using mangool?

Best price/performance ratio
Compared to other competitors like Ahrefs and SEMrush, Mangools has a low price of $30 per month. It’s not even half the price compared to other popular SEO packages.
User interface
Mangool is very easy to use and has an aesthetically pleasing user interface. Even with too much SEO information, new users won’t get lost.
customer service
Mangools offers all traditional support options around the clock. You can reach the staff via email or chat.

What are the downsides of mangool?

Not as comprehensive as Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs.
I can’t download the file as a spreadsheet.
Limited free trial period

Mangools Free Trial

Mangools offers users a 10-day free trial which allows you 5 lookups per day with 25 related and 10 competitor keywords per search

Though this might not be the perfect free trial, but its at least gives you a opportunity to have a fast play around with all their tools before you commit your credit card and make final decision if it’s worth the price or not.

How you can get the KWFinder Free Trial?

  1. click on Mangools  homepage and you will see the start 10-day Free trial button .
  2. Click on the button to start your free trial no credit card
mangool free 10-day trial

What you can do with Mangools Review

Find the proper keywords
Go for the keywords with low SEO issue and high search volume.

They ‘ve got the foremost correct SEO issue and precise search volumes!
See SERP for any location
Track your rankings
Find powerful backlinks
Check competitor’s web site authority

Free SEO tools

Browser extension — Extend the power of Mangools SEO package directly in your browser.

Mangools Review’s FAQ

What are Mangools?
Mangools is an Internet marketing tool designed to help you track your progress in SEO. It includes five data-driven tools to help you monitor and analyze data from a variety of sources and websites to strengthen your SEO strategy.

Is KWFinder correct?
While none of the SEO tools can be 100% accurate, KWfinder provides you with the full number of search queries performed on search engines on a daily basis. In many case studies in recent years, it has been evaluated with greater accuracy than other more complex and expensive tools.

What is KWFinder?
KWfinder is a keyword and competitor research tool developed by Mangools.
What is the free trial of KWfinder?
KWfinder gives you a 10-day free trial with disabilities, so you can try it before you buy.

Are Mangools Free?
Mangools offers a 10-day free trial without credit card registration. Mangools offers a variety of pricing plans, starting at $ 29 per month (if paid annually).

How do you use Mangools?
Mangools has five unique tools to help you on your SEO journey. With Mangools, you can conduct keyword research, track your rankings, analyze your backlinks, view search results, and view your site’s overall performance.

Mangools Review:My verdict

Whether you choose Mangools or not depends on who you are. And how much you need to spend on SEO.

If you are a blogger or someone who does SEO from the site, you may not have a large budget for SEO tools. And if you have a budget, you can get great value from Mangools. With $ 30 per month, you have access to tremendous valuable keyword research, comment analysis and more features.
Obviously, Mangools is a reliable and straightforward platform for thorough keyword research and link analysis. The ease of use of each tool and the data it contains is simple and precise.

precise. Instead of searching for the data you need, Mangools simply presents the features in a simple interface.
Whether you are a beginner or a seasonal user, if you want more visitors and better search engine rankings, Mangools is the tool for you. However, keep in mind that to get the best results, you need a careful strategy tailored to your site.
Try the Mangools Suite today with a 10-day free trial and 48-hour money-back guarantee when you upgrade to a paid plan.

Mangools Customers Review

Below you will find Review of Mangools written by Satisfied customers who have also used and are okay

Time To make Decision

Here I have written my own complete review of Mangools.

Now I will like you to try it and lets hear your experience with this tool.

Have you tried Mangools before? If your answer is yes, Did you like it?

if you answered no what’s stopping you from giving it just 10-day free trial

Or maybe you are not cleared, you may consider asking question about the review.

which ever way, let me know your thought by leaving a comment below.

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