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Upleap REVIEWS – My Brother $468 with Them (Read It)

Upleap reviews The Importance of Instagram as the most relevant platform for business especially in the photography and video Productions industry cannot be overemphasized.

The reason is that it helps individuals to develop huge followers which helps to get prospects.

Having a huge number of followers on Instagram is a plus to influencers helps to generate sales for affiliate marketers.

In this Upleap reviews, we shall be considering Upleaps Instagram Growth Service with the purpose of answering the following questions. What is Upleap exactly? A scam or legit? how safe upleap is to use. How reliable is it? Does it really do what it claims? For whom is it for? What do other customers say? And how effective it is. Before now people were using many strategies like buying followers, likes, or the use of a bot to get large followers however, thanks for this latest tool that can help you to achieve that without much stress.

The aim of this Upleap review is to show you the possible benefits of using upleap Instagram growth. Read the review OR straight to upleap click here 

why would you listen to me?

My little brother used upleap Instagram growth months back he chose to go for a $39 plan for about 12 months and spent a total of $468.I actually took time to monitor his Instagram account.

This is why I am in the best position to actually write these upleap reviews that will take away the hard/guesswork/guesswork for you.

Very important Information

There are two things I want to bring to your notice

1) follow this link to get the discount when you have decided to buy after reading the whole review.

2) if you are in a haste and wouldn’t want to read the whole article to the end, you can decide to take this route.

What exactly is upleap?

Instagram growth account Upleap is Instagram growth software that claims to help you develop real and organic followers on Instagram, by giving you a personal and dedicated account manager who only spends time growing your Instagram account.

The first time you visit the site, you will be see some statements like they will help you grow your Instagram faster with a dedicated account manager.

Upleap analysis dashboard

Upleap offers its users an analytics dashboard that they can use to track the growth of their accounts. The dashboard shows weekly, monthly, and yearly growth statistics in the form of clear charts and tables. In addition, Upleap will let you know which hashtags work best and which have not to optimize your account accordingly.

In addition, Upleap will provide you with a photo of the growth manager associated with your account. However, we wouldn’t completely trust these images as most of them look like archival images. Also, there aren’t many services that openly share information about employees, even if it’s just photos. Whether these images are real or false is floating in the air.
When you talk about account managers, you can’t talk directly to your customers as each manager is assigned about five accounts a day and it wouldn’t be very convenient for them to answer calls all the time as it eliminates their main purpose. which is growing in followers. However, you can submit tickets that will be answered within a few days of being submitted.

Upleap ReviewsTheir Promises are

1 Increase your involvement

2 Expand your reach organically

3 Increase your followers

When you visit their website a fairly large registration button will face you. Cool, these statements are pretty loud so I’ve taken a closer look at their approach, so we don’t know what to think about it. At this stage, you feel pretty good about the service, albeit a bit skeptical. When you take a closer look at how it really works,

How do upleap works?

Upleap focuses on providing these four services?

1 When you register, you are immediately assigned an account manager who will manage your account and help you expand Instagram for you.

2 Your account manager likes messages on your behalf.

3 Your Instagram account manager will also review Instagram Stories for you that I have never heard of as a growth service.

4 we read on their website that you will be placed in an engagement pod to increase your engagement on Instagram. This was confirmed by their support. Upleap has been around for a few years now and made a name for themselves in the Instagram marketing niche when they set out to win the # 1 Instagram tool in 2018. Growing your Instagram account is not an easy task, but it is a must if you want to attract more brand sponsors. Upleap is a great way to get the growth you’re seeking, without stress.

Upleap Reviews

Who is it meant for?

Upleap, as expressed on their site, is an Instagram, development programming and is really for individuals and organizations who need to contact more crowds utilizing one of the most sizzling online media networks on the planet at the present time! (Instagram) and to be explicit upleap would be useful for individuals like:

Bloggers or intending bloggers

Hopeful web-based media influencers

YouTube owners

Twitch gamers

Online stores owners

Entrepreneurs who need to soar their prosperity online quicky

Realtors and moreover

individual as well.

In this way, presently I’m certain you know precisely what Upleap does and who it is for let’s look at the features.

Features of Upleap Instagram growth account

Upleap Reviews

Upleap essentially can and will assist you by becoming your Instagram account personal manager. The manager takes ngs that you ought to spend huge loads of time doing in the event that they were being handled by you. Here, I’m going to go over the specific things that I don’t like about upleap as an Instagram development software.

The things I actually like about upleap are below

Upleap Exceptional advantages:

1 The company guarantees that it will only interact with real Instagram users, with the long-term goal of increasing your engagement.

It’s easy to add your account description and relevant hashtags as part of the signup process.

2 Upleap comes with a 3-day free trial so you can see what the service can do before you commit to a payment method. No credit card or other billing information is required for the free trial. This is useful if you forget to undo them.

3 They use a dedicated personal manager to manage your Instagram account and they are one of the few Instagram growth platforms to offer a fully managed Instagram growth service.

4 super responsive customer support who are always there to answer all your questions and help with all your Instagram.

5 Upleap has a 100% secure payment process which ensures that users do not become vulnerable while paying on the Upleap platform.

With upleap, you really get variety in your account’s advertising strategies, and by that I mean upleap doesn’t just comment on people’s posts or like other people’s posts, upleap is branching out and liking and commenting on both posts, Instagram ads. Stories, follow other people, etc.

6 secure login process unlike many of their competitors in the growing Instagram tool market.

Easy questions from your Instagram account manager will then find the exact tactics for you

Pricing: How Much Does Upleap Cost?

upleap has three significant estimating plans, and they incorporate the $39 every month plan, the $69 every month plan, and the $99 every month plan but in case you want to opt to be billed yearly, you will have the option to set aside to 40% Off.

Below is a screen capture demonstrating you a sneak look of what their 3 plans look like and what you get in every one of the plan additionally have a NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED 3day trial. This is very good because it will enable you to test what you are buying. You have nothing to lose anyway

Is Upleap Safe For Your Instagram?

Basically, upleap is 100% safe for you. A Lot of Instagram accounts have been managed well and yours will not be different.

How to begin up?

Upleap can be used in just three easy steps and includes:

1) Sign up for a 3-day free trial. You can do so by clicking on this LINK.

2) Contact your account manager then

3) Let your account manager know what kind of subscribers you want and see how your account grows!

What did other customers say about Upleap?

Upleap Reviews

uplead alternatives

Yes .. upleap has a number of competitors and successors. Firstly, will list the best upleap alternative I know below, and then compare it to the upleap for you to choose. I’m talking about is another Instagram growth tool called Kicksta.

I will compare kicksta vs upleap so you can make the right decision between upleap and kickstart

Upleap VS Kicksta

Another Instagram growth tool on the market, Kicksta is one of the contenders. I will compare them and compare them based on their prices, customer reviews, and more. Factors …

Kicksta VS Upleap: Price

Pricing, upleap has a cheaper deal as the increase gives you three plans including the simple plan for $ 39.

The standard plan for $ 69.he premium plan for $ 99, while Kicksta offers two plans. This includes their creative plan, which is $ 49, and their professional plan is $ 99 a month. what you can get with these Kicksta plans is shown in the image below:

Upleap Reviews

What do Kicksta Customers Say About Them?

Kicksta VS Upleap: Features

Check below to see my comparison between upleap and kicksta. Their features, similarities

 and differences. This will help you make an informed decision and a better choice

Upleap result: What can it achieve for you?

Upleap has a number of features to help make your trip as smooth as possible. This service offers many features to get the most out of your payment. They’ve already been assigned an account manager who can help you bypass all the normal steps you take and get to the finish line faster than the competition.

Some of the features that Upleap offers are listed below. It will definitely take your Instagram page from relatively unknown to very popular.

1 Brand Development: Using hashtags, Like Users, Geolocation, and Associate Followers, your Account Manager will work from the start to create your account, grow your loyal regular contact on your page, and increase your engagement.

2 Recommended Story View: Your Account Manager will view Instagram Stories from people associated with you and your business, making them more likely to follow you again.

3 Gain Followers: The Upleap algorithm gives you relevant followers for your brand and business, who are more likely to contact your business. After using the service, subscribers, and interactions on my page accelerated.

4 Increased Engagement: Of course, with focused efforts, my lies and followers increased resulting in more comments and interactions on my posts.

5 Smart targeting: Instead of interacting with engaging pages that can deliver results, your account manager will identify which pages are likely to generate results on your own page as soon as possible.

6 Get Real Results: Like anyone with a social media page that turns them on, I check my Instagram page every day and see real results from real people who have their friends tagged for reviewing my page

What is the best Instagram growth service?

My best Top Instagram Growth Services


This platform works exactly like ViralRace .It enables users to buy real and high quality likes and views from instagram active users. You can choose when and how you want the services to be deliverd to you. Users that invested in monthly plan benefit more as YoViral has the capacity to automatically detects new uploads within 30 seconds and users starts getting real likes.


There is no daily post limits meaning that no matter how much content you publish daily, you will certainly get likes, views. Most influencers and big brands prefer this platform.

Buy IG likes Fast

This platform activities is similar to upleap that enable users get connected with a manager who manages your engagement. They offer free trial and pricing plan ranges from $1.99 for a single package of Instagram likes to $59.9 monthly plan


This platform works by pushing user content to active and real Instagram users known to be interested in similar content. You can buy 100% real likes, Views and engaged followers additionally, you can choose between rapid or gradual delivery based on your budget or preference. This is an excellent alternative to Upleap. ViralRace is a better and leading platform for engagement furthermore a better choice for businesses and influencers looking for a social proof that will make them to be discovered faster


Ingramer helps you attract more subscribers and interests by using bots that use specific campaigns to find hashtags, placements, username targeting, display stories on Instagram, like the content of others people, and leave comments on your posts. . On top of all this, Ingramer also offers an Instagram scheduling feature for those who don’t have time to keep up with their posting schedule. Just enter the details of anything you want to post, including the image of course, and then set the time you want to share the post. The management of scholarships is left. However, this program has a difficult pricing system. Depending on the features you choose, prices can vary from $ 57 per month for one feature or up to $ 140 per month for all features.

Upleap vs. Social Captain

Another popular Instagram development tool is Social Captain, which uses bots to take actions that will result in a significant increase in followers and engagement.
Social Captain uses a script to run automatic services for your Instagram account based on the settings specified in the dashboard. The services offered by Social Captain include comments, likes, direct messages, follow-up, and even no follow-up. You can choose which specification you want, including the hashtags you want to identify with, your target audience, and even the speed with which you want to take those actions. To take it to the next level, you can even specify a comment list to use in your posts and add a spam filter so you don’t leave the same comments over and over again for the same posts.

On the Social Captain dashboard, you will also get a full live report with a live activity feed with a very detailed report and conversion rates that you can use to track your Instagram account performance. You also get real-time information about your followers — how many followers they have and what quality they are.

Social Captain Subscription

Social Captain offers two subscription plans to potential customers: the Growth Plan and the Turbo Plan. They offer their users both monthly and yearly rates.
The Growth Plan offers “organic, real and targeted growth of Instagram accounts” and offers intelligent automation, real-time results, and live analytics. It costs around $ 29 a month and $ 349 a year.
You will grow ten times faster with the Turbo plan than with the Growth plan. In addition to offering for the Growth Plan, Turbo Plan also offers Smart Growth, AI optimization, and dedicated support. This plan costs $ 58 per month and $ 690 per year.
Note that Social Captain uses a bot to automate growth, unlike Upleap, which uses human-oriented account managers. I found that using the account manager as opposed to the bot mattered to me as several people lost their accounts because these bots were spamming your Instagram account.

CONCLUSION: Is Upleap A Scam?

In my opinion, I would say that it is 100% legitimate because as an individual it has affected me for the last 10 months, and YES, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try it

However, I would actually advise that you give it a try

Upleap offers each potential user a free 3-day trial before committing to a paid subscription. Sometimes they also offer their customers discounts on services or offers, especially those that are paid annually. Your Instagram password is secure, properly encrypted, and stored without the risk of hackers accessing it. When you stop using the service, your account will be refunded. You can also just change the password and that’s it!

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