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Converting your article to Video has enormous advantages because it helps to get more traffic to your websites and also increases viewership.

When you edit your articles in video format. You can download them from video viewing sites like Youtube and Facebook, etc. providing a new distribution channel for your information.

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The benefits of video marketing of your products are the most important:

Exhibition: When converting your articles into videos, you created another distribution channel for your content. Greater exposure to your information means the potential for more traffic.

Backlinks are created from where you choose to download your videos — YouTube, Metacafe, Facebook, etc.

Video searches will appear in the Google search engine and often with a video thumbnail, creating more exposure.

A cost-effective and alternative marketing tool. Creates an informative way to visually show your products or services on video.

This new system for modifying your articles in video format also has its advantages:

Choose to use your previously published EzineArticles or use articles you haven’t published yet and turn them into videos with fresh new content.

Choose from a selection of graphics, music, voices, or use yours for a personalized look.

Watch this video on why you need to convert your articles to video below

Options to display your website’s URL, logo, and contact information.

Online access to create your video and there is also an easy way to submit your video to the various distribution channels included.

When you use this new online system, creating the video can be done in a few steps. Steps are visually displayed and easy to follow:

Start with grazing in your article or URL of the published article

Arrange your paragraphs and wording and the system creates the slide

The software has text to voice speech and images or download your own. You can go with the software own or either upload your own or Record your voice.

Select a color or background image or customize yours and view it behind your video based on your desired output

Selecting background music of your choice or you can download your own

Fill in the author’s contact information/logo, including information from your website so your viewers can locate you after watching the video.

Watch your newly created video, edit, download, or save for later.

Now with Video Reel, you can set up to create a video when your article is published with the article site selected automatically

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Converting Articles to Video

Converting or reusing your items is a great idea. And the idea of turning your articles into videos is great. However, there are some things you should avoid when creating these videos.

1) A one-size-fits-all

There have been many online video services that have popped up and they all claim that video is the next wave. And if you don’t have a video, you’ll be left in the dust. These points are valid, but the kicker is that they just repeat your statistics. The truth is good video does work. So can a “we convert your articles to video” service create a useful video? Maybe, but the idea that average of a monthly fee (many of which are so cheap compared to what good video costs to produce) you can get a good video that will generate tracks is questionable.

The video that works on the web is not an advertisement nor a bunch of text slides put to your article. A video that works is a unique visual experience that shares useful information. It creates a visual experience that you want to share with your friends.

2) I’ll just read the article and set up some text

If you’re going to do this, you might as well set up 1 image and read your article and expect results… Not!

In many cases, a sequence of moving or still images can demonstrate what was said in 3 or 4 sentences. Think scenario rather than read a novel word for word. Be prepared to re-work your article. Start with the article and create a storyboard with your picture ideas.

To create a simple storyboard, divide a piece of paper into 3 columns. In the left column will be your image, the middle column of your text (narrative/dialogue) and the third column has your visual or narrative direction.

You do that for every shot. I know it seems to be work, but planning is everything.

3) Let’s make a video ad

Oh no, not another TV-style ad on YouTube. Unless an ad is ridiculous, outrageous, or disgusting, no one cares. 

Yes, a call to action is necessary, but an advertisement! Give your potential audience some advice, ideas, and knowledge. Present it invitingly. Share information that no one else shares or at least shares certain information with a different method or perspective.

You’ve written articles with advice, haven’t you? Well create a video using a tip or 2, but avoid the added feeling that has little to do with the tip. If you can’t put a visual to it, give some text balls on the screen as you explain it. You may want to consider the 5-by-5 rule. Do not use more than 5 lines of text and no more than 5 words per line on the screen at any given time. Creating videos isn’t just about reading your text and putting together supporting texts and images.

 Planning is very important or you will waste your time. The average cost of producing corporate videos is $1,000 per minute of completed images. Today, with the technology available, it costs much less to put the video on the Internet. However, what has not changed is planning and execution. It takes time, perseverance, and an eye for what works. You may want to consider doing some of the work yourself and get outside help for the rest. At least you could create the storyboard and the script. If you want a Freelancer to convert the article to Video, get it <<<<<<< HERE <<<<<

10 Benefits Of Converting Your Articles Into Videos 

  1. You turn lazy readers into active listeners and followers. By converting your articles into videos, you’re targeting lazy readers. A lot of people don’t want to read. Some won’t, but they can’t read your articles at the end and if they don’t read the entire article, it’s hard for them to take the desired action. There are also those who have trouble reading on a computer. Of course, it is not easy to read on the computer. The drug for this is to complement your items with video marketing. When you turn your articles into videos, you make it possible and convenient for these people to listen as they follow the words in the videos in just 3 minutes. This will save your audience’s time and eyes by converting your articles into videos.

 2. You increase the time and frequency of visits to your website.

 Take time and find out the time your visitors spend on your website? If they all spend less than 30 seconds, it just means you have to do something. The amount of time every visitor spends on your website should be of concern to you. If they spend very little time and rush to click away, the chances of performing your planned and desired action are minimal. One way to delay visitors to your website on your website is by the content you provide. But your content will be more effective when you supplement your traditional article display method with videos to target your customers’ different needs or problems. You are also likely to persuade them to come back if your article videos are full of useful information.

 3. You double your traffic and links to your website. When you convert your articles into videos and submit them to high-traffic video sharing sites like YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, and many others, you’re creating more and more backlinks. This will increase traffic to your website. Remember that traffic is very important for any business whether online or offline. Reach a more targeted audience with your article videos.

 4. You get closer to your customers. Your targeted clients develop the feeling that you talk to them personally and this is a key factor in building trusting relationships with your customers. Turn your articles into videos to become enjoyable and memorable, to build a stronger relationship with your audience, and to target the exact motivations that drive your potential customers’ decisions to buy from you.

 5. Ability to use your items in training. Convert your articles into videos and use them in organized training. I know that most online marketers focus on working on their computers alone to make money. But have you ever thought about using the same knowledge you share online in training others offline? That’s what I do and the same videos I share online are the same videos that help me fill the gaps in my training. Other people can also use your videos in online and offline training. This helps you gain more popularity and get more people to visit your website. Do you think that is important?

 6. You increase the visibility of search engines. When you create videos from your articles and optimize your video titles and video descriptions, as you do in article marketing, you’re more likely to rank higher in search engines like YouTube. Take the opportunity to take advantage of the free traffic. Videos can move faster in search engine rankings than articles if they are correctly maximized.

 7. Advantage of presenting yourself as an expert. It is not easy for people to deal with those whose knowledge and skills in their field of specialization are very lacking. Writing articles and converting them into videos helps you present yourself as a known expert.

 8. You will be considered a specialist in the modern market. Creating videos from your articles will inevitably make you look like a modern market specialist in the eyes of your customers, who follows new technologies. Online video is one of the modern ways to communicate and share information online. It’s now a very popular aspect of social media. Second, it helps you build trust in your customers beyond just writing, which everyone can do. follow the trend and start converting your articles into videos.

9. The ability to recycle your content is a blessing. Converting your articles into videos allows you to take advantage of having two productions on a topic to target customers with a variety of needs or problems. You will have the written article and video, killing two birds of a stone. Make sure that there is no duplicate content in video marketing. The video you created from your article is seen separately by search engines. By recycling your items, you are able to keep your website up to date so often Tips on How to convert your article to Video

10. Last but not least, you will be able to show your creativity. Success in e-commerce requires a lot of creativity. With videos, there is plenty of room to find your own ways to present your content. You are limited only by your imagination. Allowing the user to be creative is one of the advantages of converting your articles into videos. Are you going to do that?

 There are several options for converting articles into videos. For example, you can use PowerPoint to create animated slides and convert them into video format. You can also make use of a flash program to create your videos. But these options really require technical know-how and most people may find it a bit difficult. The easiest way to convert your articles into videos is to use software to convert them from article to video that turns them into videos as quickly as possible. It is user-friendly and does not require much technical know-how. But you need to select a good program that allows you to edit your article any way you want.

 Second, you have to spend some money to use the service. Normally, a good program will have a variety of free images that you can choose to use as a background for your videos, with an option to download your own images. A good program should also have a variety of free background music and a disposition to distribute your videos to the major video sharing sites like YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo Video, Daily Motion, Metacafe, Revver, Sclipo, and many more others at no extra cost to save your time and money. Converting your articles into videos, using article-to-video converter software, is a three-step process of copying and moving your article into the program, converting it to video, and downloading it for distribution on video-sharing sites. It’s as simple as that. Copying and pasting your article in the program only takes a second. 

After passing it through the program, the software automatically separates the paragraphs, which then become your video screen descriptions. Essentially, each screen description corresponds to a specific paragraph. To effectively and comfortably convert your articles into videos, you need to edit the article. Editing involves making changes to your video descriptions. When you put so many words, you may have very small words on the screen. It’s about turning your texts into voice, using the voiceover tool.

The program has already pre-recorded voices of various tones for both men and women. Just choose the voices that best meet your needs and use them. You also have the option to download your own voices. The process of converting your articles into videos is also about putting in background images and music that you consider good for your videos. After inserting the background image and music, be sure to preview your video to see if it’s showing up correctly and as you want it to. If there are changes to be made, you can always go back to specific paragraphs to make your changes.

 After converting your articles into videos, you now stay with only download them and distribute them on video sharing sites. It is optional to upload them to your blog and to your Twitter and Facebook pages. If you have a website, you can always copy and paste HTML on your website. You can as well adjust the settings in order to resize the width and length of your video on your site. While turning your articles into videos, you need to optimize your keyword phrases in your video titles and descriptions so that search engines can easily rank them high to take advantage of the benefit of getting organic traffic. Second, you need to be creative enough to spice up your videos and make them unique. When you do this, then you are guaranteed to get a steady stream of traffic to your website.

Article to video Fiverr.

Fiverr is a freelancer website where you can hire a lot of experts to help you convert your article to a video. You actually get better quality services starting from $5. The good thing about Fiverr is that you get to meet many sellers and will now make your choice based on your budget and the kind of content you want for your business. However, Sometimes as a new buyer, you will be greeted with many sellers out there and it’s now left for you to make a decision which sometimes will be tedious and overwhelming hence this article. This article will help you to avoid the mistake of working with no-experts and rather show you experts that will not waste your precious time which is why you decided to hire a seller in the first place instead of doing it yourself.

Why will you choose Fiverr for your video instead of doing it yourself?

  1. You will be using an expert who will not only give your video Professional touch but will also advise you on how to optimize your keyword. Some of these sellers offer scriptwriting.
  2. Reduce time wastage. These people because they are constantly doing this job, the take it will take you to convert one article to video, they would have converted like 10 to 20 videos just image the difference.
  3. less Expensive .to convert one about 500–1000 words article to video will only cost you about $5 as oppose you getting the software that will require you to be paying the monthly subscription like in Vidnami and Lumen 5.
  4. Money-backed guarantee. Fiverr will give you a money-back guarantee in the case where you are not satisfied with the services given to you so you have nothing to lose.

Having weighed the option of converting the article to video by yourself or imploring the services of freelancers, I believe you would have seen the reason why getting a freelancer is better, and also using Fiverr is the best.

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